Black and White Chalk Pastel Tutorial: Horse Drawing

I hope that you are all keeping safe, happy and healthy during these strange times (if, like most of the population right now, you are starting to feel a little mopey, I wrote a post about keeping sane during the coronavirus lockdown which is available here).

I have just released a tutorial on creating black and white portraits, using white chalk pastel and pencil, to my patrons. Some of my most popular pieces of art are my high-contrast monochrome animal portraits (you can view some of these here) and I get asked regularly how I create these. Well, I got asked to do a black and white horse commission for somebody recently, so I thought that I would film myself for all you guys!

I have attached a sneak peak of this tutorial below and the full video is available to my patrons here. By subscribing, you also gain access to more exclusive content, as well as free goodies like limited edition giclée prints (if you're not sure what a giclée print is, I did a post about them here).

To watch the full video, click here.