Did you know I sell hand embellished prints?

'What's a hand embellished print?' I hear you ask...

Embellished prints are the same as the limited edition giclée prints that I sell here, except that they come with a unique twist. Once the artwork has been printed on high-quality fine art paper, I 'embellish' it with the medium of choice. This might include adding acrylic paint strokes to a print of a painting, or ink lines to a print of a drawing.

Why choose a hand embellished print?

Hand embellished prints are one-of-a-kind. No two prints are the same, though they may look very similar to other prints in the edition. The added brush strokes or ink lines make each piece totally unique.

As well as being unique, embellished prints often look more like originals than their non-embellished counterparts. If you want the look and texture of an original, but don't have the money to splash out on one, this may be a more affordable alternative. Hand embellished giclée prints are slightly more expensive than non-embellished prints, but are certainly cheaper than originals.

Not sure what a giclée print is?

I've got you. You can read about what a giclée print actually is here.

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