Did you know that 10% of my profits go to animal charities?

Updated: Mar 31

Since becoming a professional Artist and the founder of online gallery and art store, Art Basket, I have donated 10% of my profits to animal charities. I have always used my artwork to try and raise awareness of the issues surrounding animal welfare and the fragility of our planet. I understand, however, that it is sometimes difficult to dedicate time and money to the causes that are important to us, particularly in a world where we are all so busy juggling work and family life.

If I can use my art to make a difference on behalf of everybody that enjoys it, I will.

It's all for a cause!

It is my hope that those that buy my artwork are as passionate about animals and the environment as I am. Those that follow me on social media will know that I try to be as proactive about animal welfare and the issues surrounding deforestation and habitat loss, hunting, poaching, etc. as I can be. My clients, therefore, tend to be as deeply interested in these subjects as I am. It is my hope that by donating a percentage of my profits to animal charities, I am making a difference on behalf of those that buy it.

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